How to plan a Vintage themed tea party


Tea Party

8 Top Tips!

After working on many hen parties over the last 3 years and answering lots of questions from nervous and excited party planning hens , I have decided to right a little blog with my top tips on making that tea party for your friends EXTRA special !

1. Get your date for the party set ASAP  and keep it.

Giving all the hens plenty of notice to book time off work, arrange childcare, organise themselves to make sure they can join in on the fun is a must. If you give plenty of notice there is less excuse for no shows!

2. Set a budget

Set a budget in advance based on the number of guests. This will determin what you can all afford and how elaborate you want your party to be. Do you want to buy in the food or save money buy making your own? Hire Crockery? Would you like to Hire Kitty-Boo & Co to add the finishing touch? Arrange Entertainment for everyone to enjoy? etc .

 3.Book your services in advance

So you’ve decided a budget and planned what your day will intale. Now think about booking your services in advance to make sure that all of your ideas will come true. Kitty-Boo create all hair and make up trends . We get booked up quite quickly during spring and summer, so enquire soon ! …

Now, for the fun part !!

4. Set your theme , get creative!

1920s flapper prohibition , 1940s land girls ,  1950’s diner . Whatever your theme we can style it !

5. Make and send the invites

Making the invites adds a real personal touch to your party . Once the other guests receive them, it will excite them even more for the fun that’s to come ! You can get great enjoyment from making something yourself , for others . There are lots of ideas on my pinterest board. If you don’t fancy making them , you can buy lovely, bespoke,  personailsed ones online.

6. Organise the food menu

This can be as fun as you want to make it .  Id advise save money and add that personal touch by making your own and getting your guests invloved in the party planning. Why not make a secret Pinterest board?  Add all of your guests , Delegate responsibility and get them to pin one or 2 recipes that they plan to bring to the table . Adding that personal touch is priceless, and it gives you that chance to showcase your creative culinary skills !


 7. Dress up and be part of it!

Dressing up for a theme sets a vibe. It brings fun to the event and makes it a true party to remember . Take a look in advance on sites like ebay for second hand party gear or Seasonal sales , to save a few pounds on the perfect outfit. Kitty – Boo & Co can create any styles you wish, to give you that helping hand in looking just the part for your day/ evening ahead.


 8. Entertainment

Charlston class, lindy bop lesson, creative hat making , cocktail party . There is lots of great things on offer for you to do, in Brighton. If this part doesn’t fit in your budget, fear not ! Have fun making your own. Make your own party games while drinking the cocktails you have all created . Lots of ideas on my pinterest board to get your creative juices flowing!


And last but not least , relax and Enjoy yourself ! Have fun sampling the delights and spending quality time with your peers …x