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 Here at the Creative saloon , we like to offer our customers alternative Hair and Beauty services. Something a bit different. Something that makes our ladies stand out from the crowd!
We offer our extensions in a variety of funky styles and colours of synthetic, double ended dreads made with premium hair fibre. Followed with a nice, tidy and accurate installation service for a good looking, nicer wear to suit your desired style. With every install you will be given homecare advice and full confidence in maintaining your dreadlocks at home to keep them looking better for even longer!


Dreadlock installation service based in Worthing , Nr Brighton .

So why choose Synthetic Dreads?

Synthetic hair fibre is a fraction of the cost of human hair and is the best option for achieving the “dreadlock look” without dreading and matting up your own hair over a long period of time. Your own hair is braided around the dreadlock securely, causing no damage to your own hair. So perfect if you are looking for something more short term and easy to change as you so please. They are great  if you like to change your style, colour your hair  or simply fancy a change in your image. They are awesome because they are really Low maintenance!  No more faffing with blow drying and styling your hair. Get a cool, Instant Hipster look with no fuss or damage to your own, natural hair.
*Hair must be at least 3 inches long. If hair is long , a fine or medium density hair is best.*

We have endless colours to choose from!

Let’s get creative!


Machine made dreads. Only available in one size and length ( 20 inches long ) and 30 colours to choose from. These are not custom made and are great if you are new to dreads and you want to trial them out or you are looking for something lower cost and short term. The Dreadlock Installation last for 4 weeks and the Hair quality lasts for a few months. A great choice if you want dreads for a special event or holiday but wanting to keep the cost down.
These Dreads are handmade in UK by an expert dreadlock maker in a variety of lengths, widths, different mix and match colour options and styles all in one set. These are made with a premium hair fibre to your perfect combination of colours and styles with the 90 colours to choose from. Transitional, Dip dye, candy stripe, feathered ends, knotted, plaited. Premium dreads can be washed in the machine in between installs to keep them fresh. Hair is good for 1+ years .


I also offer an Installation only service, please enquire. Dreadlocks are also available to buy without Install after consultation!


A 15 minute Skype consultation is free  . You would be required to pay for the hair upfront to have the dreads made  which is unrefundable after 24 hours , then the rest is due at the installation appointment.


Here are a few of the questions I'm often asked.

What are synthetic dreads?

Hair extensions which take the form of dreadlocks. The ones we make are called synthetic, and are made from kanekalon. This is a synthetic fibre essentially made from a similar material to plastic. It doesn’t feel like plastic though, don’t worry! It’s heat malleable so it’s shape is changed when wet heat is applied. It melts if dry heat is applied – don’t do this! (no hair straighteners, curlers, hot hair dryers). As far as I know this product is not tested on animals/is not an animal product.

How are they put in?

They’re just braided into your hair with a blanket stitch style braid and then secured at the end with a mini elastic.

How long does my hair have to be?

Ideally, you hair should be no shorter than 2-3 inches to install. The longer the hair the easier it is to install.

Do they damage my hair?

Absolutely not! They are good for your hair as it allows your hair a break from everyday styling such as brushing, heat and colouring. If you want to colour your hair, you need to remove your dreads first.

Do I cut them out?

No! Just undo/break the mini elastic and undo the braid. They’ll come out nicely. You’ll never need to cut your hair when it comes to synthetic dreads. Please note, when you remove dreads you’ll see a bit of hair loss. This is normal. Everyday we lose 100’s of hairs which either fall out or we brush out. When dreads are installed this hair isn’t free to fall, it’s held in the braid. So when you remove them all the lost hair will come out at once. Don’t worry, you’re not going bald and you haven’t damaged your hair!

How long do they last?

Starter dreads 4- 6 weeeks. Premium dreads are totally reusable if looked after gently. You can take them out and put them back in as many times as you like. Between wears you can wash them and reseal them if you want to. A resealing service is available by the dreadmaker for premium dreads only. How long you leave the dreads in between taking them out is totally up to you. Some people leave them in a few weeks, some a few months. However as your hair grows they’ll loosen. Many people prefer to take them out and reinstall to keep the hair style looking neat.At the initial install, I will leave you feeling confident to rebraid your own hair, dread by dread. Once the tidy Install is in place It is easy to maintain yourself at home until you wish to take them all out at once.

What styles are there?

Premium dreads come in two different ‘finishes’. Either smooth or crochet. Smooth, like the name says, are smooth, sleek, uniformed dreads. Crochet are much more natural looking, with texture and body. Within these two finishes you can have, solid dreads (all one colour), blends (colours blended together), transitionals (one colour going into another at the end), candycane (two colours swirled around each other – only available in smooth) and harlequin (one side of a double ended dread is one colour, the other side is a different colour).

How do I wash them?

I do not advise washing them while you’re still wearing them. Synth dread can get wet, but they’ll be really heavy on the head, and take many hours to dry. I would say try and avoid this if possible. You dont need to wash your hair when they’re in but if you wish to If you put do wash them the best way to wash them is to take them out, put them in a pillowcase and tie it up. Put this is a washing machine on a low heat (wool wash) and let dry properly. In some cases, you won’t need to wash them and spraying with febreeze is enough, depending on time worn. (More details on washing in the sources below)

How do I look after them?

Be gentle! This is the number one rule. Style them and dress them up as much as you want but please be gentle, and don’t tug. It’s not good on your hair or the dread. Crochet dreads will be more durable for messing around with than smooth. There isn’t much upkeep. You can spray with perfume or febreeze if you’d like to make them smell nicer.

How do I pay?

This is usually done via paypal . Or cash at consulation. You can either pay all at once or 50% non refundable deposit up front when you order the dreads. The remaining 50% is due on Installation.

How many dreads in a set?

Starter Dreads are 45 Double eneded dreads in up to 2 style. Premium dread prices are based on 40 DE’s in a crochet set, and 45 DE’s in a smooth set. This is enough for a standard full head. Again, you can order more or less and the price will reflect this. The minimum amount of dreads you can order is half head/ 20.

What colours do you have available?

Every and all colours! I buy set colours, but if there isn’t the perfect one I will hand blend them until I have achieved it. An example of the colours to choose from can be seen here

Can I cut them?

No. My very first set of dreads I had when I was 16 I cut and it was terrible! The dreads are made to length and I really wouldn’t recommend cutting them. The most you could do is an inch off the end if it was getting a little tired, but even then I wouldn’t suggest it.
If you’ve got any other questions, I’m here to help!
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